Explore Greater Financial Possibilities With Crosstree Equity Fund

Crosstree Equity Fund is a strategic health science ecosystem that connects you to the right people, resources, and capital.

The Model

Crosstree invests exclusively in the health science industry. As experienced investors, operators, and investment bankers — backed by leading executives and professional service providers — Crosstree co-invests alongside the industry’s most reputable and experienced institutional private equity funds.

Strategic Investors

Crosstree’s investment model is unique because its limited partners are all industry executives, key opinion leaders, and strategic service providers. Crosstree’s strategic investors are actively involved in the process and provide access to its portfolio investments.

Who Can Crosstree Introduce You To?

Because Crosstree’s expert strategic advisors are immersed in the health science industry, it has insights into the most pivotal themes facing health care today — developing precision medicine, leveraging data to drive better research and clinical utility, and balancing cost with outcomes. The strategic limited partners at Crosstree have committed significant financial and human capital to Crosstree’s model and are actively involved in investment processes — they are partners in the truest sense of the word.


Flourish Research
United BioSource Corporation
CRI Worldwide
Bridge Laboratories


NMS Capital
SV Health Investors
Riordan, Lewis & Haden Equity Partners
River Cities Capital Funds
Oak Investment Partners
Laboratory Corporation of America
J.H. Whitney
Hitachi Consulting
Grotech Ventures
GGV Capital
Flexpoint Ford
Berkshire Partners
Arsenal Capital Partners
Aisling Capital