Plan your future based on knowledge and experience, not guesswork.

Crosstree’s Strategic Value Creation (SVC) services position companies to create and realize greater value by providing them with actionable strategic plans and pragmatic guidance. Combining unparalleled levels of health science market data, expertise, and industry reach, Crosstree will help you plan, evaluate, and execute a viable strategy.

With our SVC consulting services, you will have an executable strategy that will inform and facilitate successful outcomes downstream. This continuity from informed research to strategy optimization through transaction execution is your key to driving faster, superior financial outcomes.

Crosstree’s strategic consulting ensures a seamless transition from assessment to action.

Whether you’re planning a growth acquisition strategy to accelerate value creation or you need to create a growth story for prospective buyers, our experts will help you maximize value.

As one of the leading investment banks in health sciences, we combine data, financial analysis, and industry knowledge with real-world execution experience. Furthermore, our consultants and advisors work with a world-class network of industry experts, executives, and investors.

By fielding objective information and perspectives, and by interweaving proprietary research, we create a clear and impartial value thesis finely tuned for your specific company and nuanced market position.

Private Equity

For private equity firms, Crosstree furnishes the insights needed to make investments, grow portfolio companies, and generate superior returns on exit. Drawing on our decades of execution experience and deep domain expertise, our strategic action plans support private equity clients across the full transaction cycle.

Crosstree partners with private equity firms throughout the transaction cycle to enhance investment returns.

Strategic Review


  • Market assessment (size, trends, growth, potential)
  • Company strategy, opportunities and threats
  • Add-on plan ROI and feasibility analysis
  • Organic and inorganic growth initiative development


Measure Performance

  • Good financial practices implementation
  • Benchmarking and gap analysis
  • Valuation analysis and go-to-market timing opinions
  • Competitive assessment and performance improvement

Accelerate Value Creation

  • Add-on plan development and execution
  • Unbiased facts and insights for successful bids
  • Target company bid range assessment and opinion
  • Refocus core strategy

Exit Support

Position Opportunity

  • Growth initiative defined and qualified
  • Exit strategy development and execution
  • Due diligence management and support
  • Deep industry expertise to properly position company

Exit Planning and Support

M&A exits have become highly structured and rigorous processes that can be taxing on management and disruptive to a business and its customers. Crosstree can assist entrepreneurs and investors to lay the groundwork for an eventual exit. As part of this, we will:

  • Deliver fundamental and qualitative valuation insights
  • Assess your go-to-market timing considerations with a valuation inflection analysis
  • Provide a thorough Good Financial Practices evaluation
  • Benchmark and complete a strategic gap analysis
  • Identify value enhancers and risk considerations

Crosstree’s research generation identifies actionable business trends, growth opportunities, and specific initiatives for value creation.

When designing and implementing your company’s strategy, you’ll face unknowns, and you’ll need more than generalized market data to make sound decisions within meaningful time frames.

By distilling granular market data, proprietary research, and tertiary information into practical advice, our team will work alongside yours to start building your road map to greater value with a higher level of certainty. With Crosstree as your partner, you’ll readily see how trends and adjacent market movements should influence your company’s approach to value creation.

Research Generation Services

  • Proprietary health science industry reports
  • Market trend assessment and forecasting
  • Due diligence on potential buyers
  • Acquisition target profiling and financial modeling
  • Customized research