A Partner With Insights as Unique as Your Market

Crosstree’s deep expertise in pharma services, diagnostics and tools, and digital health provides an unprecedented advantage to prospective sellers in today’s market. Because Crosstree works with such a comprehensive understanding of the health sciences industry, it can synthesize a company’s capabilities, financial data, and market position to communicate a compelling value proposition to buyer candidates.

Deep insights into converging market trends are remarkably powerful for building a client value thesis that both informs the buyer and drives transformational outcomes.

No other advisor has a deeper understanding of how the confluence of industry trends, market conditions, and growth opportunities will shape a company’s value and strategic outcomes.

Precision Medicine

The confluence of three industry segments representing Crosstree’s foundational expertise enables the future of modern medicine

Medicine Is Transforming. So Are Your Market Opportunities.

Medicines are transforming from one-size-fits-all traditional therapies to targeted and precision medicines. Such medicines are more complex. In addition, technological advances and the digitization of medicine have created new opportunities and challenges for the industry. The profound and abrupt shift toward precision medicine requires specialization and agility, which has disrupted entrenched market leaders.

Innovative and specialized companies now have greater access to capital and strategic options than before. Crosstree can align client value propositions with thesis-focused investors and the right strategic partners, creating outcomes that are helping transform medicine.

High Precision Yields High Performance

Just as the precision medicine market seeks to deliver more targeted, efficacious therapies, Crosstree delivers higher precision in buyer targeting, strategic value articulation, trend assessment, and financial modeling to align its clients with the most promising opportunities.

Since inception 15+ years ago, Crosstree has developed and maintained a proprietary multi-level taxonomy, categorizing companies and transactions within health sciences with precision. Crosstree’s well-defined processes identify and classify every relevant M&A and financing transaction within health sciences, providing it with powerful data to identify emerging trends and buyer strategies. This data-driven approach to knowledge creation facilitates a more constructive and insightful dialogue with all industry participants – buyers, sellers and investors, empowering Crosstree to ‘connect the dots’ within health sciences like no other advisor.

This thoughtful and thorough analytical approach has garnered respect in the industry — Crosstree is regarded as a committed industry peer, not a transactional broker, by the most active buyers and investors in the health sciences industries. No other partner serves as such a powerful and trusted advocate for client representation.

High precision builds confidence in the buying process, enabling Crosstree to optimize velocity and outcomes.

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