White Paper

Inorganic Growth Strategies in Precision Medicine Forging New Paths to Value Creation in the Future of Healthcare.

During the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry has rapidly evolved from a model focused on the development of blockbuster drugs for large patient populations into a market delivering targeted therapeutics to narrow segments of the population, aiming to improve patient centricity and improve the quality and cost burden of health care. This “precision medicine” approach may be new to most consumers, but the concept has been steadily shaping the healthcare and life sciences industries for over a decade.

Today, Precision Medicine offers new opportunities for value creation. In this white paper, learn how to build and adapt inorganic growth strategies for success in this rapidly evolving space.

What’s Inside

  • Key growth drivers of the burgeoning Precision Medicine market
  • Impact on M&A across high-growth sub-sectors of the life sciences sector
  • Adapting strategy development: platform analysis to transaction execution

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