Delivering Exceptional Results

“Crosstree’s specific knowledge of our market segment allowed them to precisely target potential buyers. Further, Crosstree guided management to the right “value drivers” for each potential buyer, optimally tuning our various presentations, and ultimately driving enhanced valuations during the auction process.”

Doug Engfer

Founder, President and CEO, invivodata, Inc.
“We were impressed with the intensity and thoroughness of Crosstree’s preparation. Their team worked tirelessly on analytics and positioning, ultimately giving us the flexibility to efficiently navigate various strategic options involving our business and each of its two divisions. I wouldn’t think twice about using Crosstree again.”

Todd Grosshandler

Co-Founder, Enthalpy Analytical
“The Board of Directors laid out clear expectations in its mandate for Crosstree. Management and the investors spent more than a decade building an industry leader, and it was not only important that we realized a good return, but also that we found good stewards of the asset and its employees. We set the bar pretty high and Crosstree persevered in helping secure an exit that was beneficial to all the key stakeholders.”

John Hall

Director, invivodata, Inc.
“Jeff and his colleagues at Crosstree did an exceptional job with our process.  We benefited greatly from their industry knowledge, expansive network, deal expertise and just plain hard work.  Most importantly, their bankers demonstrated sterling integrity and always gave us sound advice that resulted in an excellent outcome, despite numerous twists and turns along the way.”

Jim Petrilla

CEO and Co-Founder, BioAgilytix Labs, Inc.

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