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We go beyond value creation. Achieve greater outcomes with our strategic advisory and origination services. 


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The Crosstree Advantage

Disciplined Strategy Development & Assessment

We work with you to refine and define a clear, detailed strategy informed by our experience as one of the most active M&A advisors in the Health Science industries. 

Focused Target Optimization and Lead Prioritization

Based on capabilities and characteristics, we scorecard the universe of target candidates to rank-order targets that best fit your value creation strategy.

Optimized Target Outreach

We curate bespoke target-centric outreach profiles for each target describing the unique capabilities and characteristics that fit your growth strategy and future state value proposition.

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How can the Crosstree Advantage help you?

Value Creation - Strategy

Platform Thesis Development & Execution

We partner with sponsors to pressure test, refine and execute a focused thesis utilizing a high-touch approach and our experience as the most active M&A firm in the health sciences.


Platform Assessment

Using an industry-focused lens, we validate a potential investment's growth opportunity and evaluate execution feasibility to enhance buyer confidence.

VCS - Add-on

Add-on Strategy Development & Execution

Our deep domain expertise and relationships within industry allow us to further develop value-enhancing growth strategies and execute with precision.

Value Creation - Growth

2.0 Growth Story

We maximize potential partner conviction by developing the blueprints for our client's next stage of growth that can be executed by investors or buyers post-transaction.