SSI Strategy, a Portfolio Company of Amulet Capital Partners, Acquired NDA Group AB to Bolster Regulatory Affairs Consulting Capabilities and Expand Into the EU


SSI Strategy, a portfolio company of Amulet Capital Partners, acquired NDA Group AB to bolster regulatory affairs consulting capabilities and expand into the EU.


Amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny in the drug development industry, the demand for regulatory affairs consulting services has surged. The risks of misalignment with regulatory agency expectations and suboptimal clinical trial design highlight the critical need for proactive solutions, as lack of early planning can lead to delays, additional trials, increased costs, and potential program failure late in development. Regulatory affairs consultants play a pivotal role, offering expert guidance to ensure adherence to ever-changing drug regulations and mitigate risks. As pharmaceutical companies face complex challenges, professional assistance becomes imperative to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape successfully.

Founded in 1997, NDA Group AB (“NDA”) is regulatory affairs and drug development consultancy firm with unmatched regulatory expertise, ensuring the optimal development of complex and innovative treatments to meet strict regulatory agency requirements. Over the past three years, NDA has supported a quarter of the new medicinal products approved in the US and Europe.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s comprehensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical regulatory affairs and compliance consulting industry assisted SSI in identifying the ideal acquisition target to expand its service offering and global footprint:

  • Identifying the right partner for SSI to accelerate their growth globally
  • Leveraging market expertise to identify the ideal partner to maximize synergies, optimize cultural fit, and drive future growth
  • Represented SSI to potential partners (including NDA) to explain value proposition and pave the way for growth discussions
  • Evaluated industry trends to make recommendations that guided SSI’s strategic goals


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