Alpha IRB Acquired by Sabai Global, a Portfolio Company of Thompson Street Capital, to Expand IRB Capabilities


Alpha IRB was acquired by Sabai Global, a Portfolio Company of Thompson Street Capital, to expand their IRB capabilities.


Recent trends in the healthcare industry have significantly impacted the need for Institutional Review Boards (IRBs). The increasing complexity and scale of research studies, coupled with the ethical challenges posed by emerging technologies, have amplified the importance of robust ethical oversight. The proliferation of big data analytics, precision medicine, and genetic research has expanded the scope of healthcare research, necessitating careful IRB review to safeguard participant rights and privacy. The emphasis on patient-centered care and shared decision-making has heightened the need for IRBs to ensure that research aligns with patient preferences and values. Additionally, the globalization of research collaborations and the involvement of vulnerable populations have underscored the crucial role of IRBs in maintaining ethical standards across diverse settings and protecting the rights and well-being of research participants.

Founded in 2007, Alpha IRB is a highly regarded organization with a mission to protect the rights and welfare of human research subjects without compromise while delivering premium customer service. Their white-glove service and integrity are well known in the industry, establishing Alpha IRB as a trusted entity. The organization’s market leadership position and exceptional reputation made it an attractive acquisition for Sabai Global.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s expertise in the pharma services industry and deep understanding of Alpha IRB’s unique value proposition helped the firm advise Alpha IRB in identifying Sabai Global as the ideal transaction partner through:

  • Presenting the client’s unique value proposition to help them achieve the optimal outcome
  • Helping client find the right partner to expand their footprint in the US
  • Positioning client to maximize value
  • Developing and articulating a strong value proposition which connected client capabilities with market trends to weave a compelling narrative for potential buyers


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