Modular Devices, a Portfolio Company of O2 Investment Partners, Partners with Flow Clean Rooms and Supply to Bolster Existing Clean Room Manufacturing Capabilities and Expand Overall Offering


Modular Devices, a portfolio company of O2 Investment Partners, has partnered with Flow Clean Rooms and Supply to bolster their existing clean room manufacturing capabilities and expand their overall offering.


As clean room standards and regulations continue to evolve, industries, especially within health sciences, are actively embracing advanced technologies and customized solutions to uphold elevated standards of cleanliness and control. This intensified emphasis on precision is indispensable not only for preserving the integrity of manufacturing processes in areas such as cell and gene therapy but also signifies a comprehensive industry dedication to meeting rigorous quality standards and prioritizing patient safety across the entirety of the production lifecycle.

Founded in 1987, Modular Devices is a leading provider of mobile and modular medical imaging equipment lab solutions in the United States. With 250+ nationwide installations and 48 US states served, they have helped hundreds of leading hospitals and healthcare networks better serve their communities and quickly expand their diagnostic testing capabilities. Their success led them to find ways to expand their offerings, and ultimately identifying Flow Clean Rooms and Supply as the ideal transaction partner to bolster their existing clean room manufacturing capabilities and begin offering additional clean room supplies to their clients.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s granular knowledge of the pharma services and diagnostic laboratory services sub-sectors helped Modular devices, a portfolio company of O2 Investment Partners, identify Flow Clean Rooms and Supply as the ideal strategic partner to bolster and expand its service offering through:

  • Leveraging market expertise to identify the ideal partner to maximize synergies and optimize cultural fit
  • Identifying, evaluating, and refining business areas for strategic growth to maximize value for Modular Devices
  • Developing and articulating a strong value proposition which connected Modular Device’s capabilities with market trends to weave a compelling narrative for potential partners


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