Yecuris Corporation Acquired by Janvier Group to Expand Preclinical Service Offering Internationally


Yecuris Corporation (“Yecuris”) was acquired by Janvier Group (“Janvier”) to expand its preclinical service offering internationally.


Shifting priorities have created a backlog of pharmaceuticals awaiting testing, prompting the pharmaceutical industry to turn to innovative solutions to bring products to market. Effectively dealing with this challenge involves ensuring the timely evaluation of these drugs for both safety and efficacy in a cost-effective manner without sacrificing the quality of test results. To cope with the increased demand, many organizations are leveraging humanized mouse models to provide mission-critical data in the early stages of the drug development lifecycle. The global humanized mouse and rat model market is estimated to have reached $259 million in 2023 and is expected to reach $349 million by 2028 (growing at a CAGR of 6.2% from 2023 to 2028).

Founded in 2007, Yecuris Corporation (“Yecuris”) provides liver-humanized mice to its global customer base across a wide range of application areas such as cell and gene therapy, NASH/NAFLD, viral hepatitis, malaria, and cardiovascular disease, among others. Their clients and collaborators include world-renowned academic research institutions, Big Pharma and Biotech, as well as many of the most popular earlier-stage VC funded companies. Yecuris stands out as a premier provider of preclinical services, with an impressive list of partners using its patent-protected FRG® technology. Their unique offering made them a clear fit within Janvier Group’s (“Janvier”) already robust portfolio.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s unique knowledge of the global preclinical market and current trends helped Yecuris identify Janvier as the ideal strategic fit through:

  • Identifying strategic complements across offerings and geographies to prioritize the most synergistic partners
  • Leveraging Crosstree’s global network and cross-border deal experience to drive an efficient and effective process
  • Positioning Yecuris’ unique offering to maximize value


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