I really can’t speak highly enough of the expert, intelligent and dedicated advocacy of Crosstree that brought about a truly tremendous result for Ascent. The Crosstree team was superb in all aspects of setting up, negotiating and finalizing a really fantastic deal. We particularly appreciated their willingness to work flexibly with Ascent as we were undergoing considerable growing pains, especially related to financial management which was such a critical aspect. The Ascent team was really lucky and is very grateful for having had access to such expert, dedicated and adept support.


CEO and Founder
Ascent Development Services

Crosstree was recommended to us by a trusted partner who had previously worked closely with them on successful deals. We are very pleased to have listened to this advice and have been guided and supported throughout the merger process over the last months. The team brought a strong understanding of our industry segment, finding an impressive list of prospective buyers, and then ensured that during the due diligence and closing phases we hit each of the critical milestones on time.


Chief Sales Officer

After growing Quartesian into one of the largest independent biometrics companies in the world, we realized the next chapter of our journey would require a strong financial partner, but finding the right partner would be a challenge. Crosstree put their expertise in the pharma services space to work for us, helping us identify Summit Partners – the perfect fit for all of our stakeholders. The resulting deal led to Quartesian becoming a foundational pillar in Veranex, the first concept-to-commercialization global service provider in medtech.


Executive VP, Data & Analytics



The experience of going from a founder-owned organization of 90 people to being part of an organization of over 2,000 people is one that would not have been possible without the perspectives, industry knowledge, and expertise that Shane and the entire Crosstree team brought to bear on our transaction.

Founder & CEO
Trifecta Clinical

We needed to find a partner who would support our growth while allowing us to maintain our voice in strategy and goal setting and our commitment to personalized client interactions. Crosstree’s expertise and network in the biostatistics and CRO space helped us find CATO SMS, the perfect match of complementary culture, synergies, and strategy.


CEO & President
Array Biostatistics


We were very impressed with [Crosstree’s] understanding of our business…specifically because we were under a 30-day closing timeline. They were a very dedicated team, working into the late hours of the night to be able to meet that deadline. I would highly recommend Crosstree as an investment banking choice.

Founder and Managing Partner
IntegReview IRB

Crosstree’s specific knowledge of our market segment allowed them to precisely target potential buyers. Further, Crosstree guided management to the right “value drivers” for each potential buyer, optimally tuning our various presentations, and ultimately driving enhanced valuations during the auction process.


Founder, President, & CEO
invivodata, Inc.

Jeff and his colleagues at Crosstree did an exceptional job with our process.  We benefited greatly from their industry knowledge, expansive network, deal expertise and just plain hard work.  Most importantly, their bankers demonstrated sterling integrity and always gave us sound advice that resulted in an excellent outcome, despite numerous twists and turns along the way.


CEO & Co-Founder
BioAgilytix Labs, Inc.

We were impressed with the intensity and thoroughness of Crosstree’s preparation. Their team worked tirelessly on analytics and positioning, ultimately giving us the flexibility to efficiently navigate various strategic options involving our business and each of its two divisions. I wouldn’t think twice about using Crosstree again.


Enthalpy Analytical