Access Medical Labs Allies with Grupo Diagnostico Aries to Expand Diagnostic Lab Capabilities into North America


Access Medical Labs has allied with Grupo Diagnostico Aries to expand their diagnostic lab capabilities into North America.


The global clinical laboratory services market is approaching $225 billion, driven in part by demand for preventative and easily accessible testing. Meeting this growing demand are specialized diagnostic laboratories offering a wide array of diagnostic testing services, rapid turnaround times and superior customer service. 

Since 2003, Access Medical Labs (Access) has been on the forefront of diagnostic lab testing and research. Access is a leading specialty diagnostic laboratory, offering a broad menu of testing from blood, saliva and urine samples to customers across the U.S. Tests are performed at the Company’s 25,000 sq ft highly automated facility in Jupiter, Florida with an industry-leading 24-hr turnaround time on blood tests. Access’ advanced capabilities and U.S. footprint made it the ideal partner for Mexico-based Grupo Diagnostico Aries to expand its business into the fast-growing U.S. market.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s global diagnostic laboratory expertise helped Access identify Grupo Diagnostico Aries as the ideal partner to facilitate continued rapid growth within the North American market by: 

  • Synthesizing Access’ unique go-to-market strategy and competitive differentiation into a cohesive value proposition
  • Creative thinking beyond the US industry paradigm aimed at meeting client objectives of economic outcome, cultural fit and legacy preservation
  • Effectively navigating complex cross-border transaction nuances and maintaining a disciplined, rigorous process from start to finish