PreventionGenetics acquired by Exact Sciences to Enable Earlier Cancer Detection and Hereditary Cancer Testing


PreventionGenetics acquired by Exact Sciences to enable earlier cancer detection and hereditary cancer testing.


During the past two decades since publication of the first draft of the human genome project, the use of genotyping and genomic testing has become integral to many cancer treatments, enabling more personalized or precision therapies. Today, precision medicine has grown into one of the highest growth market segments of the healthcare industry, valued at ~$60 billion and projected to grow to ~$100 billion over the next five years. As the market for precision medicine has grown, so, too has the need for genomic and genetic testing to support development of these drugs.

With a goal to improve lives through genetic testing, PreventionGenetics offers more than 5,000 predefined genetic tests for nearly all clinically relevant genes, additional custom panels, and comprehensive germline whole exome and whole genome sequencing tests. The company’s portfolio of tests for proactive health and wellness, cancer risk and screening, pediatric and adult-onset rare diseases, and others made PreventionGenetics the perfect complement to Exact Sciences’ advanced cancer diagnostics portfolio and supports its entrance into hereditary cancer testing (HCT).

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree acted as exclusive financial advisor to PreventionGenetics in its acquisition by Exact Sciences through:

  • Synthesizing PreventionGenetics’ highly-specialized capabilities into a cohesive value proposition
  • Evaluating a broad slate of potential strategic partners to ensure continued growth
  • Leveraging market expertise to identify the ideal partner to maximize synergies and optimize cultural fit


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