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Innovations in Pharmaceutical Development™

Introducing Innovations in Pharmaceutical Development™

In this first-of-its-kind book, Crosstree profiles over 50 of the most innovative companies and thought leaders forging the future of Pharma Development. Each innovator profiled was carefully selected by a group of six independent industry experts. Companies are organized using Crosstree’s easily understandable and concise taxonomy to identify company groupings, sectors, and market trends at a granular level, using bottom-up data and decades of industry expertise. Learn more about Crosstree.


What’s Inside

The book features in-depth, bottom-up analysis from Crosstree advisors and independent industry experts. Read the press release.

Who Will Benefit

Anyone looking to discover the most innovative growth opportunities, partnerships, and investments in the clinical development space, including:

  • Pharma sponsors
  • Decision-makers
  • Analysts
  • Investors

Crosstree’s expansive industry knowledge allowed us to focus on the most inspiring group of innovators and disruptors and provide in-depth profiles of each one”

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About Crosstree

As one of the leading investment banks in pharma services, Crosstree combines data, financial analysis, and in-depth industry knowledge with real-world execution experience. Crosstree’s consultants, advisors, and bankers work with a world-class network of industry experts, executives, and investors in order to formulate and execute the most accretive transactions possible for our clients.


Methodology: Industry Defining Taxonomy

Crosstree has taken the liberty to establish a more formalized approach to defining the Pharma Services industry by creating what we believe is an easily understandable and concise taxonomy from which we can better identify company groupings, sectors, and market trends at a more granular level.


Clinical Services Trends

The global availability of a vast array of cost-effective services from drug discovery to post-marketing surveillance has allowed for the increase in near-virtual development of drug and device candidates. This has allowed midsize and small-scale organizations to direct otherwise scarce investment capital directly into expert-driven outsourced services rather than the creation of costly, redundant, and often less effective internal development efforts.


Lab Services Trends

The increase in the number of sophisticated new medicines associated with precision and specialty medicines, such as human and tumor genetics, is helping to drive the uptake of large-scale laboratory services in the development market. Additionally, the need for adherence to international regulatory standards is providing new opportunities for interoperability and automation of laboratory processes through innovative technologies.


Pharma Tech Trends

Over the past decade, novel technologies have allowed for the efficient and cost-effective development of precision and specialty medicines. The drug and device development space is poised to make further profound leaps in productivity, cost reduction, and pace of innovation as it continues to embrace new technologies and methodologies, exploiting them to their fullest potential.