Trifecta Clinical was acquired by WCG

December 4, 2020


WCG has acquired Los Angeles-based Trifecta Clinical to bolster its remote study startup and compliance support offerings.


WCG is an industry leader delivering transformational solutions for clinical trials. They provide services that foster compliance and maximize efficiency for those in science and medicine, empowering their mission to develop the therapies and medicines that improve quality of life. By acquiring Trifecta, WCG adds remote study startup and compliance support to its suite of “Smart Trial” solutions.

Crosstree’s Role

Attempting to keep up with ramping market demand and surging growth, Trifecta Clinical was at a crossroads. They needed advisors to rapidly identify and present solutions that were a fit for clients, employees, culture, and mission of the company, while minimizing distractions to Trifecta’s leadership team. Crosstree:

  • Curated highly synergistic buyers to evaluate preemptive interest in a partnership.
  • Recognized and articulated the intangible differentiators that could close this deal fast.
  • Executed LOI to close in under 45 days.