anteris Acquired by Kymanox, a Portfolio Company of Westview Capital Partners, to Expand Injectable Combination Product Development Capabilities Globally


anteris has been acquired by Kymanox, a Portfolio Company of Westview Capital Partners, to expand injectable combination product development capabilities globally.


The combination drug-device product market is expected to surpass $250 billion globally by 2030, as parenterally-delivered biologic products and therapies represent an increasingly large share of the overall biopharmaceutical market. To serve this growing demand, pharmaceutical manufacturers are seeking the specialized regulatory and development expertise necessary to successfully bring these combination products to market.

Founded in 2014, German-based anteris medical and Anteris Helvetia (together, “anteris”) specializes in supporting the development and commercialization of combination products, medical devices, and in-vitro diagnostic products. These capabilities made it the ideal acquisition for US-based Kymanox, which offers similar services to help clients navigate commercialization challenges. The resulting transaction helps both companies realize their shared goals of geographic expansion, while also bolstering service capabilities by providing a broader array of highly specialized services to clients.

Crosstree’s Role

Crosstree’s granular CDMO expertise helped anteris identify Kymanox as the ideal partner to expand its combination injectable development capabilities globally through:

  • Leveraging international pharma development knowledge to identify potential transaction partners in Europe
  • Developing and articulating a strong value proposition which connected client capabilities with market trends to weave a compelling narrative for potential buyers
  • Assessing multiple competitive offers to find the optimal strategic and financial fit for anteris


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