Understanding the Future of Medicine and What it Means for Your Company

Crosstree’s advisors have end-to-end experience in the pharma services, research, and development space, and has worked with companies positioned from discovery and preclinical, to clinical development and lab services, to supply and commercialization.

As pharmaceutical companies shift toward combination product development programs and more complex test-and-treat therapies, patient-centricity has become a focal point. Crosstree understands how each company supports the patient’s journey — either directly or secondarily by facilitating better research and development — and can identify the most viable buyers based on current and emerging needs.

Crosstree has provided buy- and sell-side financial guidance through the rise of targeted medicine. Today, Crosstree is spearheading transactions for innovative growth companies and established market leaders shifting toward precision and specialty medicine strategies.

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Recent Deals

Grant Avenue Capital Recapitalizes CREO
Monroe Biomedical Research Acquired by New Harbor Capital in a First Step to Build-out a Clinical Research Site Platform
SSI Strategy, a Portfolio Company of Amulet Capital Partners, Acquired NDA Group AB to Bolster Regulatory Affairs Consulting Capabilities and Expand Into the EU
Catalyst Clinical Research, a Portfolio Company of QHP Capital, Acquired Genpro Research to Expand Global Footprint and Deepen Service Offerings