IntegReview was acquired by Advarra

November 9, 2020


Advarra has acquired Austin-based IntegReview and will integrate its early-phase-focused, specialized IRB solutions into a center of excellence for the newly enhanced Advarra platform.


Specialized solutions providers such as IntegReview — which exhibit agility, responsiveness, and a high-touch approach — complement technology-enabled IRB platforms, enhancing early phase capabilities. IntegReview excels at the accelerated timelines and nimble, white-glove requirements of early phase trials, which present significant challenges for most providers.

Crosstree’s Role

Inherent cultural differences between small and large trial-focused providers have the potential to undermine successful integration, negatively impacting outcomes. Crosstree’s nuanced expertise enables specialty providers to accurately quantify and market their value to sophisticated buyers, helping them assess the cultural compatibility needed to ensure lasting value for the seller, the buyer, clients, and employees. Crosstree:

  • Leveraged market insights to assess potential buyers’ cultural compatibility.
  • Developed forecasts assessing quality of earnings and quantifying strategic value for sophisticated, data-driven buyers.
  • Assessed multiple competitive offers received from a narrow group of hand-picked potential buyers and closed in a record-setting three weeks after LOI.
We were very impressed with [Crosstree’s] understanding of our business…specifically because we were under a 30-day closing timeline. They were a very dedicated team, working into the late hours of the night to be able to meet that deadline. I would highly recommend Crosstree as an investment banking choice.


Founder and Managing Partner, IntegReview IRB